System Integration

System Integration

You can save time and gain full monitoring over all your translation and localization projects by integrating your content management system directly with the Arancho Doc Translation Management System and the AD Connex Translation Portal.

The system integration can be configured with all types of content management systems and similar data bases, like Web CMS, Technical Documentation CMS, Catalogue PMS, E-Commerce Systems, E-Learning and other similar platforms.

Different technologies are available to interconnect with our platform, ranging from very simple connection over FTP server up to fully integrated interoperability via our API based on Webservices technology.

With this integration, the requests for translation are sent automatically from the CMS system and delivered back to the CMS system automatically.

Your key benefits

  • Easy and fast
    Send your contents for translation directly from your system with just a few clicks.
    No need to export files, send emails or the like.
  • Simple and efficient
    Check the status of your translation project online, share information with your team, post project related communications, manage your quotes and access many other useful features offered by our translation portal AD Connex.
  • Ready to publish
    When the translation is ready, it is sent back automatically to your system and loaded in its relevant place.

Content Management Systems

We are able to connect to all content management systems that include a localization module which supports translation workflows based on XML exchange.

Here is a sample of some well known Web Content Management Systems we can interconnect with:

Simplicity and efficiency

Your fully integrated and automated translation workflow:


We can also interconnect to Content Management Systems for technical documentation and to Product Information Management Systems.

If you want more information on how we can integrate our services with your content management system, feel free to contact us!

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The Arancho Doc Group is a recognized force within the international language industry. Headquartered in Bologna, Italy, the Arancho Doc Group provides language services and solutions to large corporations and multinationals from its strategic network of offices across Europe. By combining innovative technological solutions with in-depth knowledge of translation and localization processes, Arancho Doc is the ideal long-term language and communication partner of global companies. Arancho Doc is an SAP Partner and is certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 Quality Standards

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