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With more than 263,000 customers in 188 countries, SAP is the world’s leading provider of business solutions and applications. Their slogan states it clear: “The best-run businesses run SAP”. As a globally successful business, most of SAP’s standard solutions are already supported in 37 languages.

However, as a general rule, SAP translates only the User Interface and some of its core modules like the Bookkeeping and Administration ones. But what happens with other contents that can also be critical for international organisations?

If your company is competing in a global business environment, you may also be interested in translating other types of content within SAP solutions. This can be a quite challenging task if you are not familiar with the SAP software translation environment: Transaction SE63.

What is Transaction SE63?

Transaction SE63 is the translation and localization module built into all SAP Solutions. Transaction SE63 allows you to manage multilingual content within SAP Solutions by:

  • Selecting individual objects for translation.
  • Selecting personal worklists to find and translate objects requiring translation from collections assigned to you.
  • Defining your own configuration to work with the translation tools.

You need SAP Translation Solutions if…

  • Your core business is to install, implement and rollout SAP solutions in a multi-office and multi-language environment.
  • You are a SAP software integrator and developer looking to offer your solutions to an international market.
  • You are looking for new markets and opportunities and would like to enlarge your SAP solution offerings.
  • Your are developing your own SAP Applications and need to publish them into multiple languages.

SAP Language Service Partners

Defining the ideal settings to manage SAP translations can take up considerable time and resources. For that reason, SAP has designated SAP Language Service Partners from all over the world.

These partners receive up-to-date training on all subjects related to Transaction SE63 and can guide you through the whole process. Some of the aspects they can take care of are:

  • Set-up and support of Transaction SE63 translation environment
  • Evaluate objects relevant for translation
  • Generate translation worklists for translators
  • Build and validate project terminology
  • Select and monitor experienced SAP linguists
  • Manage end-to-end SAP software translation projects
  • Testing and bug fixing

For a complete list of our services, feel free to refer to Arancho Doc’s page in the SAP Store.

Arancho Doc & SAP: a partnership built to last

Arancho Doc is an SAP Preferred Language Service Provider and an SAP PartnerEdge Partner. We have been empowering multilingual applications of SAP software and solutions since 2009, and are fully capable to assist you with your translation requirements thanks to our specialized SAP resources:

  • In-house team of SAP approved localizers and Project Managers
  • All SAP resources are continuously trained on SAP procedures and methodologies
  • Annual SAP audits are conducted and passed
  • Technical and linguistic competences in line with SAP localization requirements
  • In-depth knowledge of SAP online localization environment and software solutions

Our areas of expertise are:

  • NetWeaver
  • Mobile Applications
  • Supply Chain Management
  • CRM, CSM, Media, SAP Business One, SAP By Design
  • E-commerce  and E-learning platforms
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Intelligence and Communication Technology
  • Hospital Management
  • Professional Services Management
  • localization and SEO
  • Energy, Utilities, Environment
  • R/3 Core Modules, Basis, HR, FI
  • Retail, Oil, Financial Services, Defense, Aerospace, APO, SRM, Insurance, Reinsurance
  • SAP Business One, including: UI, online help, online guides, manuals etc.
  • SAP Business One portal
  • Best Practice – presentations on commercial best practices for the various products
  • SAP Industry solutions

If you want to learn more about how Arancho Doc can help you manage your SAP translation requirements, feel free to contact us.

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