General Terms and Conditions

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These General Terms and Conditions apply to all companies of the Arancho Doc Group.


These General Terms and Conditions shall form the sole basis for all services (translation, proofreading, DTP, terminology, localization, interpreting, etc.) provided by Arancho Doc and are valid for all business relations between Arancho Doc and the Client.
Placement of an order by the Client in whatever form (quotation, via Arancho Doc platforms, Client’s platforms, websites, e-mails, etc.) shall constitute recognition of this Agreement.


When placing an order, the Client must specify target language, subject, technical field, length and intended use of the text to be translated, and particular format requirements.
The Client shall always make available any information and documents that Arancho Doc needs to provide its services (e.g. Client’s glossary, terminology, reference material, illustrations, drawings) without Arancho Doc having to request such information. Should this information and these documents not be provided, Arancho Doc cannot be considered liable for possible errors and delays resulting from this.
All requested orders are deemed to be accepted by Arancho Doc if confirmed in writing. Verbal orders are not considered binding or accepted until they are confirmed in writing.


Arancho Doc provides translation services in accordance with the principle of best practice and the following quality requirements:

  • Cultural correctness and accuracy
  • Correct register and style
  • Correct and consistent use of predetermined terminology or suitable standard terminology
  • Linguistic correctness according to applicable grammar and spelling standards
  • Translation suitable for the agreed purpose


Delivery deadline for an order shall be amicably agreed upon during order placement.
Delivery deadline is only binding if previously confirmed by Arancho Doc in writing.
Arancho Doc will do everything in its power to meet the delivery deadline. If an unavoidable delay in delivery is foreseeable (e.g. force majeure.) Arancho Doc shall immediately notify the Client of the delay.
If the cause of any delay in delivery is due to force majeure, Arancho Doc shall be entitled to cancel or terminate the order or demand an appropriate extension of the deadline. All further rights, in particular entitlements to claim damages, are excluded in these cases.
If the Client changes the order or asks for a different deadline, the delivery deadlines and the costs of the order are to be renegotiated and confirmed in writing.


Unless otherwise agreed to in the Service Agreement, Arancho Doc shall charge the Client for the agreed services at its current rates and terms plus the legally applicable value-added tax.


Unless otherwise expressly stated, invoices are due and payable 30 days from date of invoice by bank transfer.

For large orders, Arancho Doc may demand instalment payments before the beginning of the project. In the case of partial deliveries, payments shall be due upon delivery of the partial services rendered.
Should payment be delayed, Arancho Doc may choose to suspend work on the order until the instalment payment is received.
Should the Client cancel a contract without being legally or contractually entitled to do so, the Client shall remunerate Arancho Doc for all work carried out up to cancellation and shall reimburse the costs incurred.


In the event of a negative quality assessment, Arancho Doc shall be given a written statement of the shortcomings and a reasonable period in which to make improvements. Should the improved product still not satisfy the quality requirements, the Client is entitled to a price reduction to be agreed upon by both parties.
Shortcomings in the translation attributable to incorrect or incomplete source texts do not fall within the domain of responsibility of Arancho Doc.
At the same time, Arancho Doc shall accept no responsibility for linguistic inaccuracies resulting from insufficient context.
If, within 14 days of receipt of the translation, the Client has not notified any faults, the translation shall be regarded as approved. The period for inspection begins upon delivery of translations.


Should Arancho Doc acquire copyright or other industrial property rights as a result of producing a service, these rights shall explicitly remain with Arancho Doc unless they are transferred to the Client by contract.

All oral, written or machine coded material, data, software, systems and other information relating to the Client that may come to the knowledge of Arancho Doc that is not generally known to the public at large shall be treated as Confidential Information. Arancho Doc keeps safe and will not publish or divulge Confidential Information or the existence of any relationship with the Client without the prior written consent of Client.
This provision does not pertain to data which is already in the possession of Arancho Doc, is made available by third parties without violating the confidentiality agreement or is in the public domain.

If Arancho Doc receives any documents, materials, software, hardware or samples from the Client for the execution of the order, Arancho Doc agrees to return the above items upon the Client’s request.

The Client agrees that its data may be stored for administrative purposes in compliance with local data protection regulations.


Arancho Doc shall not be liable for any delay or defect that is due to the ambiguous, incorrect or incomplete placement of orders.
Arancho Doc shall only be liable for loss or damage that is proven to have been caused directly by translation errors. Compensation for such loss or damage shall be limited to the total sum of its insurance. The period of limitation for claims shall be one year, starting with the acceptance of the translation.
Arancho Doc is obliged to perform the work it is assigned with due technical and professional care in all conscience and in observance of generally recognized principles of the translation business.
Arancho Doc will inform the Client in due time of any significant risks that Arancho Doc can identify. If any work is to be printed or reproduced electronically or by mass publication means, the Client shall specify this and provide Arancho Doc with a copy proof/an electronic final version prior to publication for approval.
Arancho Doc shall not be liable to the Client should there be an event or occurrence which could not have reasonably been foreseen, anticipated or planned for (Force Majeure) that affects this Agreement and makes it impossible to comply with the provisions of this Agreement.


Should any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions of the General Terms and Conditions shall remain unaffected.


This Agreement shall be subject exclusively to Italian law. Any disputes arising between the parties in connection with the current Agreement and the execution thereof shall be submitted exclusively to the competent court within Italy.

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